Blog 6 Make-Up CB Radio and Cultural Infuence

1 Jun

In Blake’s article, the functions and use of CB radio among the black and white communities is analyzed, bringing forth the different motives, tactics, and ultimately influences that CB radio had on society. What originally started off as a simple form of linear communication, ended up transforming into something much more powerful and cultural during the 1970’s.

The African-American community took advantage of CB radio and transformed it into a new form of communication, one that was able to connect individuals by their racial identities as well as in unique forms of language and speech that gave the African American community a new kind of culture to embrace following the civil rights movements of the 1960’s.  While the United States was still divided in mixing black and white together, CB radio gave the community a chance to reach out to others far and wide as well as near and local and form a connection that helped fuel political stances and emotional reasoning.

 It had never really occurred to me how the sound of hearing another person’s voice over the radio can make me feel. For  African-American’s, hearing a member of their community, a person who had similar characteristics and features must have been very enlightening and powerful since they were not wanted on the radio and were constantly ridiculed, discriminated against, and verbally bashed.

 Despite their unwanted voices being heard, they were heard on channels 5 and 6, eventually renamed the “superbowl.” Now the African-American community had a place where they could listen, laugh and know that they can connect with others through the power of sound. As society and the world continue to change, so does the influence of sound technology such as CB radio on our culture and our individual selves.


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