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The best part of breakin’ up is when you’re makin’ up . . .

29 May

Makeup blog postings are due by 5 on Friday, June 1st. Please follow these directions or I am likely not to see/record your posting:

  • Please blog on, or respond to a blog on, the correct topic. For example, if you were supposed to respond to a blog on Dracula, please be sure to do so. I’ve linked all of the blog topics at the right, where it says “Class Blog,” so they should be easy to track down. The topics are listed on the syllabus if you need a refresher.
  • Please drop me an email with a link to your blog posting and/or comment. This will make it much easier to track down.
  • You only get to make up one posting/comment. (Can’t make up 9 weeks of work all at once!) If you’ve missed more than one, and have to choose between doing a comment and doing a posting, I’d prefer you to do a posting.

Thanks for your hard work on these blogs!


Last round!

19 May

Last blogs! By 5 p.m. on Friday, May 25th:

  • Bloggers R-Z post new blogs.
  • Bloggers A-H reply to last week’s blogs. Go to the posting and leave a comment!

This week’s topic, obviously, is Under Milk Wood. You’re free to discuss any angle on it; you might, for example, want to think about linking it to last week’s conversations about the BBC. This would also be a good time to start comparing/contrasting/synthesizing/tying up threads; you might go back to the opening lecture, for example, and think about how we could apply it to Thomas’s text.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tag your blogs “Blog 7.”

Also remember that if you’ve missed a blog or reply at some point, you may make up one posting by June 2nd.

For Friday, May 18th

14 May

Due by 5:

  • Bloggers I-Q: post new blogs. (You’ve had several in a row, I realize, but this is your last one — make it count!) Please tag your post “Blog 6.”
  • Bloggers R-Z: reply to last week’s blogs by going to the post and leaving a comment.

You have pretty much free rein for this blog; you may want to consider how, for example, both Avery and Blake, albeit in very different ways, are interested in how the radio creates or complicates a national ethos or a public (counterpublic?) sphere of communication. (This will be an issue of some importance with Under Milk Wood.)

You could also, if you like, look at how a primary document (the BBC Listener insert; the sound files auxiliary to Blake’s article) helps us to rethink Blake’s/Avery’s/Reith’s claims or ambitions.

The Blog is Back

9 May

For Friday, May 11th: bloggers A-H post new blogs; bloggers I-Q reply to the last set.

New Bloggers: please tag your postings “Blog 5.”

In terms of topics, you may think about linking the Morton reading to our sadly un-blogged Adorno/Benjamin readings. Another option is to look around for some primary documents to think about these technological developments (Marconi, Fessenden, DeForest), their marketing (e.g. Sarnoff’s “Radio Music Box” memo), or specific examples (the War of the Worlds or Hindenberg broadcasts).

Due 5/11 by 5 p.m.

Blog Breather!

30 Apr

No blogs this week — we’ll have our hands more than full with Benjamin and Adorno, and with our little exam next week. You are welcome to continue the conversation in the comments section, however.

Blog 4: Stoker, Kittler, Moretti

25 Apr

Due Friday, April 27, by 5 p.m.:

Last Names R-Z: write a blog! Please tag your posting “Blog 4.”

Last Names I-Q: respond to one of last week’s blogs. Please post blog replies by commenting on the posting (not as new blog posts).

Feel free to use this blog to challenge/question Moretti or Kittler’s claims or methods, which are of course highly controversial and in some ways (usefully?) reductive. Make sure it is clear that you understand the arguments/methods prior to poking holes in them, and, as always, make sure to bring specific passages from the novel to bear on your claims.

Week 3!

14 Apr

Children of the night:

  • Last names R-Z: Reply to last week’s blogs. I myself would be particularly curious to hear some back-and-forth on the Kittler reading, but follow your heart.
  • Last names A-H: Post new ones on Dracula. Please remember to tag your postings “Blog 3.”

Due April 20th by 5 p.m.